What happened here?

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Karlw Captain

this has been happening latley I have a strong brand new computer 2 gb of ram and dual core proccesor and some other stuff graphics card etx but why does this line appear in the water?

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bawls327 Captain

where the ocean gets deeper? lol jk I am not sure bro I think that has happened to me before to I would think that would just be a graphics problem. And I like the airplane and livery.

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Karlw Captain

Ya I'll just restart the computer I like the livery to just got off a carnival cruise two days ago I now know the perfect vacation is one you have to fly to get to port cruise then fly back home lol

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paul2007 Trainee

have you made sure your comp is using both processor?

if not then check it in "win task mngr" (crtl+alt+del) processor, there should be a tick box to make sure that both processors are being used.

there is a thread in the screenie section about it.

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