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airline_fanatic Guest

Hey everyone,

My name is Devon, and I've been looking quite intently on the virtual airline world. I know the real airlines inside and out, as that is one of my major hobbies. Here's my story:

I was CEO and then General Manager of two different Virtual Railroads. (I'm in love with trains and airplanes!)
Unfortuanately, the simulated railroad world didn't do as well as our airline counterparts, so we were forced to close operations on both projects. I then turned to my other hobby-airplanes.

A major problem, however, is that I don't have any Microsoft Flight Sim of any kind. (Too much money on Train-Sim!)

Will this affect me to be in management of a virtual airline? I may not be able to be a pilot, but...

I am very skilled in Public Relations. No flash, but many still "poster" advertisements and graphics. Skilled at logos, too.

I'm just a very serious teen looking for a non-pilot job in the Virtual Airline Industry. Please reply here if any questions. I would have a blast working again in the "virtual" world, and this time with a much more stable virtual industry. 😀

Any ideas?



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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

You could probably do web design for the VA's. Or you could probably do the Hub Management part of it.

If you are serious about all this a LOT, i can try and help you get in to places. I have a lot of jet aircraft, and if you were to show up at whatever virtual airline with a few flight manuals, they'd see your worth as a non flying member.

if you want to talk more, you can add me to msn

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

It would be difficult to manage the VA world without exposure to what issues you will be faced with on a daily basis. Open your own shop but be prepared to go forward armed with all the information and knowledge that will be required of you.

As FEM said, you might be able to manage a site or create one but must interface with the community at some level. That is to say understand Flight Sim '02 '04 and all of its surrounding issues. Sorry to state the completely obvious but we all gotta start someplace, and the best place is at the beginning.


airline_fanatic Guest

Thanks guys!

I've been busy with schoolwork lately, but now it's slowed down. I'm ready to jump feet first and hit the ground running in the virtual airline world.

Thanks for the encouraging comments. OrlandoGeorge, I know I have to start at the beginning, but truth is, it is physically impossible for me to get a hold of a flight simulator, and my computer just doesn't hold the space for it at the moment. I may not know the issue or be a real "pilot", but I do have some knowledge of the industry. I'm not debating you here, I see your point, but I don't neccessarily have to have flight sim experience to be in management. 😕 I mean, 95% of airline execs and reps think airliners turn on with a key...

I know for a fact I hired people in the train-sim who did a darn good job, but didn't even come within five feet of owning the game. However, they did better than those with the simulator.

Thank you so much, Fire_Emblem. Unfortunately, I don't have MSN... 😞

But, thanks for your replies. And yes, I'm very, very interested.

Happy Flying, and Happy Holidays! 😀


Baka_sammich Guest

Well i am part of a VA that really needs Hub managers and stuff.

for more info email me at
or visit:

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