will I be able to play?

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Unfortunately I have a very old computer: Celeron 633Mhz, 128Mb RAM, 64Mb graphic card. Will I be able to play MFS2004 at all? Crying or Very sad

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FS2004 will perform pretty poorly on your spec of computer. The main aspects being the small processor size, and small RAM.

The programme should run, technically, but you may find that the Frame Rates are so slow that movement becomes jumpy and notchy.

If you flew the default planes that come with FS2004, and if you fly from small airstrips, rather than the big airports, you may get an acceptable experiance.

You really need a minimum of 256 RAM, and a processor of at least 1.5 to run FS2004 acceptably.

You may be better off trying FS98, if you don't already have that.


Thank you for the answer GPS Kid. I think I must send a letter to Santa Claus 😉

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If u r really interested in flight sim do not give up. There r erlyer version of flight sim like 95 2000 and even 2002 and they will perform not so bad. any how it is much more than nothing. The question is what else u need

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