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Uninstalling Add Ons

FlyboyFred Guest

Could someone please let me know how to uninstall the add on planes. I have uninstalled FS2004 and re-installed and yet the addon planes and related files just keep comming back?

How do you clean all this mess up and start clean again...

Thanks for your help guys

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Try dropping in disk #1 first and see if it asks you if you want to do a complete uninstall or to leave add-on aircraft.
Uninstall in the control panel (add-remove programs). Then go into your program go files/Microsoft Games/and delete the flight sim 9 folder.
Lastly make a search for "flight" and delete anything that has to do with that.
Make sure you delete the folder in "My Documents" also.
Some MS software lets you keep add-on's when you reinstall.


Flyboyfred Guest

Radar Man !!!!

You're the Captain !!!

All is solved and A-OK... All my old add-ons are cleared up and starting with a clean slate

Thanks much for your help...

Much Appreciated


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RadarMan Chief Captain

It'll be an entirely new clean sim, don't forget to patch it. Since it a new install the patch should work very easily.


Flyboyfred Guest

Radar Man... Thanks for your response...

You mentioned patching the re-install of FS2004... Is there a specific patch that I should be looking for? Is it required?

Thanks again


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Is it necessary, no but it does add objects and help the fps some. Read and decide.


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