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Want to fly for an airline, but don't like having to take assignments?
Want to enjoy flying and making friends?
Want to talk to someone important, but don't want to wait for a forum reply?

Welcome to Hellfire Virtual. We don't make anyone take assignments, yet you can fly from your hub to anywhere you want. While your doing that you'll be enjoying the company of other flight simmers just like you. I'd say that 90% of the staff are on and available to talk to in case something comes up.

Hate that check ride and one way training system used by other airlines?
Can't stand airlines not being active enough for you?

Hellfire has a simple approach to training. 1 on 1 training with the flight instructor. No need to wait for days or weeks just to get an oppertunity to speak with him. Hellfire is always active and flying. When a new member comes to us, we will contact him! We don't believe in sitting around and waiting for the new member to figure out what needs to happen. We will come to you!

But you need to take that first step:
Hellfire Virtual

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