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Thursday, July 05, 2007
Public Press Release

Office of the UASO Executive Director
Kayamone A. Sutton
254 W. Bay Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23503

A New Perspective on Spaceflight in a New Era

(Norfolk, VA) From the beginning of time, humans have always had a fascination with the stars and universe. Fueled by man’s natural curiosity and creativity, we have found ways of exploring the stars, exploring the unknown, and dreaming about ways of exploring the universe. Today, that fascination continues, and is often sparked by advances in science and technology, however, most of us aren’t as fortunate to be able to experience what it is like to travel into the vastness of outer space, and that desire and fascination with the stars and the universe and in the science behind it all fades and is overshadowed by other things. Little do people know that there are avenues available to them that will allow them to experience what it is like to be able to travel into outer space, study the stars, learn more about the scientific and mathematical concepts behind astronomy, space exploration, and space flight. Today, a new avenue has been opened to the world through the United Aeronautics and Spaceflight Organization (UASO), the first organization designed to re-spark the interest in people of all ages in astronomy and space exploration.

What is the United Aeronautics and Spaceflight Organization? The UASO is an online virtual space agency open to people ages 16 and older that have a deep and serious interest in astronomy and space exploration. Though there have been other online organizations like it in the past, the UASO pushes for maximum realism in what it does. Some of the organizations activities include launching manned and unmanned spacecraft into space and safely landing them back on earth (all done in real-time), designing aircraft that could be built and flown in real life, and testing them, as well as at the same time, teaching those involved the science and math associated with Spaceflight and aeronautics, giving them a better understanding of the world around them and keeping their interest in science and mathematics alive. All of this is made possible by the various programs and simulators that we utilize allowing us to realistically replicate an actual space agency.

What is our plan to educate our members? From the moment a prospective member signs up to join the organization, the education process begins. Before being allowed to participate in the “bread and butter” of everyday UASO space flight and aeronautical operations, members are required to read and retain basic and fundamental information in the areas of physical science, earth science, and aeronautical science. All information is broken down into terms that anyone who is interested in our organization can understand. Once that individual successfully completes the basics and fundamentals part of the signup process, that member is allowed to pursue the “career” that he or she chose at the beginning of the signup process. Once that person begins to pursue that area, additional advanced training is administered and knowledge retention is maintained throughout that person’s career with the UASO.

What jobs are available to those who wish to be a member of the UASO? The UASO has many career paths to choose from. For those who are interested solely in aeronautics and aviation may become pilots, eventually working their way up through the ranks to become a test pilot, flying the most cutting edge aircraft ever designed. For those more interested in space flight and exploration, a plethora of career paths are open to explore and enjoy. For those who wish to feel the excitement of launching into space and performing an actual mission, becoming an UASO Astronaut is the job for you. If you enjoy solving complex problems and challenges associated with a space flight mission, then becoming a UASO Mission Controller is the best choice for you. If you are more inept and capable in an administrative and managing position or have a skill or set of skills or have an interest in a specific field of astronomy, then working within one of our departments as a support staff member is right down your alley. Whatever interest you have, we can incorporate it into our organization. Creativity is the tool that will propel us to do bigger better things, and it keeps our interest at peak levels. All members are given an environment to be creative, test their ideas, and stimulate more ideas and theories, whilst educating at the same time.

So, do you have what it takes to start a virtual career in one of the most realistic virtual space agencies to date, or are you interested in becoming a member and finding out more information about the UASO? If so, then you are invited to check out our website located at or contact the UASO Executive Board Director Kayamone Sutton at As stated before, all persons age 16 or over are welcome to join. Those who are under the age of 16 must obtain a waiver from a UASO Board Director via personal interview. Due to the nature of the hobby and the time and demands placed on UASO members, only special consideration will be given to individuals under the age of 16 who possess skills and/or traits that may be valuable or useful to the organization and who can prove capable and willing to accept the responsibilities bestowed on them, per their membership to this organization.

Join the UASO today and help us “Lead the Way!” in the exploration of space!

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