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Pilot Training Program for VAs

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This post is mostly intended for VA CEOs… The United Aeronautical & Spaceflight Organization is seeking virtual airlines who would like to offer their pilots training. The training program is designed to teach the applicant the basics of flight, respecting the diversified level of interest. (More advance topics such as aerodynamics, aircraft systems, wx theory…etc are available at the students’ request.) Your pilots will conclude the program with a ‘type rating’ in the EMB120 and ERJ145. Type of experience: turboprop and high performance turbojet powered aircraft.

By enrolling your pilot(s) into this program, you are in a sense ‘leasing’ your pilot(s) to the UASO for a certain amount of flight hours. (It usually takes about 20 flight hours for someone to become proficient.) This way, your pilots are getting some of the best training available for virtual airlines and gaining valuable experience. There is no ‘default’ program…every airline has a program individually tailored (We will sit down and discuss your needs to deliver the most practical solution for your situation.)

Some of you ask, what’s the catch… Well by training your pilots we get x amount of flight hours in return. So in a sense the training is paid for by receiving their services for the duration of their training/time building. If you have any questions and/or have an interest in this offer please contact me through the private messaging feature within this site.

Thanks Much.

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I just saw this post and am curious about it. I am looking into a training program for my pilots. If you could send me an email at I would much appreciate to talk to you more about this.

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