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My brother went on his first flying lesson today so I went along to introduce him to the instructor and take some snaps 😀

You can find some great pics and some low res videos at the URL below...

A couple of the pics include a Piper Cub, some aerobatic plane and the new service between Liverpool and JFK. That only flies once a day so I was pretty lucky to get it.

My favourite video was one taken from the end of Runway 27 while we were waiting for my brother. It's a Ryanair Airbus (I think) on short final coming just a few feet over our head.

Some of the photos/videos are junk, this is one of my other half singing while filming an Easyjet Airbus taxiiing lol

Excuse the sound on the videos, the microphone isn't the best.

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Oh yeah, a lot of them vids are some guy doing touch and goes, the first video I thought he had messed up and was going around because it was a bit of a dodgy approach, hence the commentary Wink

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