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Sudden unexpected FS2004 shutdown

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alpinesteve Trainee

Has anyone else experienced a sudden shutdown of FS2004 when you approach a particular airport or region? I have two airports that I used to fly to frequently, and now, whenever I get within about 15 miles of them, FS2004 just instantly vanishes from the screen. I didn't make any changes that should have resulted in such a result. Any ideas?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

They might be too graphic intensive for your computer to handle or it need to be cleaned.
Open the case clean the fans and the fins on the heatsink, it may be overheating.


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nottobe Captain

I have the same problem. My route is from KSEA to KSFO, whenever getting close San Francisco airport, my screen shuts down. But if I fly a different route say Chicago to JFK which is busier, its just fine.... dunno why

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Welshflyer Chief Captain

Have you put any addon scenery to the region? I had this problem once after i had put an addon airport in.

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alpinesteve Trainee

The only thing that I added was Ultimate Terrain USA about six months ago. It's very odd that it only affects two airports, KMFR (Rogue Valley, Oregon) and KAST, (Astoria, Oregon). I can fly anywhere else with any amount of traffic or any other factors and it never does it. But if I get within 15 miles of either place, it shuts down.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

try reinstalling the addon 😉

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