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Screeny Pages Slow to Load - An apology and plea for help.

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Steve (SpiderWings) Captain

I just realized that the png format I have used on some of my recent screenshots causes them to load a bit slower than jpg. I didn't realize that and will go back to jpgs from now on.

I'd come across the png as a much more memory friendly format for maps that I do on Paint using bmp. They also preserve the clarity of pictures while jpg fuzzes the edges a bit. But not so bad.

But I also have ANOTHER PROBLEM with my screen shot pages. I'm talking about my topic for Recreating FS9 Default Historic Flights

Thats page one... page five is below and I just counted the number of screenshots on it after it finally finished loading. 221.... two hundred and twenty-one!

I then counted screenshots on other topics here and find some have only 40 per page (thats the most) and one had only 6.

Obviously those pages load up much more quickly.

So is there something I'm doing wrong to make so many come on one page?

I don't think many people would care to view the topic when it takes so long to load... impossible on dialup... and 3-5 minutes on DSL. Plus it slows down the computer to have such a huge page in memory... even this fairly new one I'm on today.

I'm sorry to those that have tried viewing my pages and might have given up.. even to those that hung in there. Thats just too slow I think.


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221 Shocked Shocked , that's a lot of pics on one page! I thought it was taking a long time for your pages to load but i just thought it was my computer, so i'd go and put the kettle on and wait for it to load Smile . I can't see it being anything you've done as i thought the pages automatically changed when they got to a certain point, but what do i know!
I hope you get it sorted soon as i've missed your adventures.

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Welshflyer wrote:

I hope you get it sorted soon as i've missed your adventures.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Steve (SpiderWings) Captain

Turns out that you don't get a new page until there are 16 posts/replies on a page regardless of how many pictures are in some of the posts.

So I will start posting fewer pictures a bit more often to see if that helps. So far it seems to. My posts were way too long anyway. Laughing

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