Is it worth it?

Is it worth upgrading to FSX?
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Doyley Captain

Is it really worth suffering low frame rates and poor performance with FSX.

With my system I can run FSX on medium high and get about 9fps in big airports but with FS9 I can have every slider all the way up and run 27FPS easily anywhere.

Plus there are so many addons available for FS9. FSX is starting to catch up but FS9 still out does it. FSPassengers is a perfect example. I love that addon.

I don't think there is a lot of difference between FS9 and FSX apart from prettier screenshots but you can get addons for FS9 that make it look better than FSX and run a lot more smoothly.

Has anyone seen this video? It goes to show what can be done with FS9.

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cheezyflier First Officer

well, sure, if you have a less than optimal system, you can spend $$ to buy a crapload of add-ons to make fs9 as good as fsx.

or you could just spend that $$ on your computer, fly fsx now, and as the game develops and fs9 falls away, you won't be left in the dust by everyone who has already figured this out. besides, your eventually going to have to upgrade your computer anyhow, and sooner or alter there will be alot more going on in fsx than there already is. switvh now so you don't spend $$ twice to get the same thing.

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Doyley Captain

You can get most good addons for free.

I have bought a new system which cost me a fair few quid and also upgraded my graphics card and added some more RAM since then yet it's still not enough for the spec hungry FSX.

I now have both FS9 and FSX installed. No doubt when the next version of FS is released computer systems will be able to run FSX as well as my system runs FS9.

I fear that the Adrenaline that is soon due to be released is going to cost an arm and a leg. Does anyone have any decent info on what is going to be included in it, any info I have found has been vague.

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JLangevin First Officer

This thread is actually quite stupid and pointless... this is something that would have made more sense back in October when the game was released, and seeing its almost a year old now and has SP1 out, this thread is just dumb.

Im sorry if Im being harsh, but Im a bit tired of seeing all these "Is it worth it" posts. If you are happy with FS9 and have a ton of add-ons, do not upgrade. If you are running anything less than a Core2Duo E6300, do not upgrade, if you do not have a powerful PC by TODAYS standard, do not upgrade.

Make your own decisions, people cannot do it for you. FSX runs like a dream on my PC, but I cannot speak for anyone else. Download the Demo, and if that does not run good, dont buy it.

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Doyley Captain

Well if we didn't have debates about things this forum would be full of people ask "How do I land?" Wink

I already have made my decision, I only use FSX now if I want a prettier place to fly. That may change if FSPassengers is released for FSX.

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

it really doesnt matter you can achieve the same or very close to the same results from FS9 as FSX it is what ever said person wants to do

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