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Recently I purchased My traffic X gave me quite good results for AI.
But I'm yet to find a real busy airport. I mean when I had FS9 the airports were lot busier using the FS9 AI, but not anymore.

Even in a airport like heathrow its quite dull! Yeah but I admit its much better than FSX AI!

Anybody with tweaks on My traffic or FSX regarding this.?


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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

In the FSX Settings and Controls area, do you have the sliders set to max, or at least 50%?

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abmukh80 First Officer

believe me thats set to max, i mean an airport like heathrow or kennedy intl should have aircrafts taking off in less than a min

What say?

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GoodisonBlue First Officer

I was a but disapointed by that as well so i did some reading on the traffic x site

It seems that it takes 20 minutes for traffic to come to life, taking to account planes fuelling on the ground and planes in the air start a minimum of 20 minutes away

I tried this out and traffic does pick up measurably after this point

Would much rather it started straight away personally but that's what they say on their site

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abmukh80 First Officer

You mean to say I have to wait 20 min before I start pushback or wait 20 min where????

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