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European Airways Press Release 1

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Our Goal

To Provide a realistic virtual airline that you can make your flight simming experience as realistic as possible.
our website has been designed to be easily navigated and to look good, we also are constructing a portuguese version of the site for those who prefer Portuguese to English, the pirep system we are using is VA Financials, there are many who may not like this system but this is a very good system when it is implemented correctly, with VA Financials pilots receive Virtual money for all flights they do, this money is obviously not real but makes the experience a little bit more realistic, as pilots gain more hours they will be promoted and start receiving more virtual money, adding to the realism.

Our Ranks

Student Pilot: 0-20 Hours

Trainee Pilots: 20-45 Hours

Junior Officer: 45-80 Hours

Second Officer: 80-110 Hours

First officer: 110-160 Hours

Captain: 160-250 Hours

ATP Captain: 250+ Hours

Our Destinations

Lisbon to-

Funchal, Madeira
London, England
Madrid, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Amsterdam, Holland
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Rome, Italy
Porto Santo, Portugal
Milan, Italy
Brussels, Belgium
Vienna, Austria
Athens, Greece

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists in

2 Airbus 330-200's

5 Airbus 320-200's

1 Beechcraft 18 (Training Aircraft)

Future Plans

in the Future we plan to expand to hubs in the United Kingdom and we also plan to do intercontinental Flights.

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make sure on your flights you fly on vatsim its a bit low on players at the moment

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Welshflyer Chief Captain

Looks like a nice VA, just had a look around the site but can't find any info regarding online flying (i'd rather not), i prefer to fly offline and then file my pirep. I already fly for a great VA in the US, but my European VA has just stopped flying 😞 so i'm looking for a European VA.
P.S your manual has 5 pages of the same page,the index 😕 !

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benbastock wrote:

make sure on your flights you fly on vatsim its a bit low on players at the moment

do not listen to this guy man hes been spamming these threads like crazy. They have enough pilots I looked and could of swore I saw number of pilots over 400 but I could be wrong. Your Va looks good by the way you put alot of information in there unlike others do. I

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Well, out of curiosity i tried to access your site, but it does'nt seem to work! 😕

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xXx-DeathKid-xXx First Officer

Spell check your main page dude! Wink

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