Flight Simulator as a video game?

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Is it possible to make FS2004 or FSX as a video game? One major advantage for me is that you don't have to worry a lot about low frame rates. In my opinion, video games usually run smoothly and not juttery if you know what I mean.

I also think that depending on the size of your TV screen, you can get more realism because of the size of your cockpit maybe.

Why not make it into a video game? Could it be compatible with Nintiendo Game Cube(that's the system I have)?

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kieranja First Officer

what a silly thing to say. pc is way more powerfull to run games than a game box. there to many buttons for the likes of game stations and also to many add ons for it to take.

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kieranja said it. I dont think that is all a good idea at all to put it on video games and if it did not sure anyone would buy it I think more people would like it on their pc better.

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