Multiple FSX config's?

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Hey all

Is there a way to have multiple config files for FSX? The reason behind it is I want have multiple flight stick options for different types of aircraft that I use? For example I don't want to be using thrustreversers on a flight using a 172 or smaller, but I would like to use it for jets, but I don't want to go into FSX and change all my settings each time when I switch

I tried doing it with changing the name of the cfg's file, but it doesn't seem to work.. So I'm curious if it could be done at all?

My stick is Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro Shock.

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Go into FSX, set it up as you want.... then save the settings.

Then go into your folder with the fsx.cfg - Make a copy and call it "fsx_xxx" xxx = the controller name you want. Now go into FSX and set it up for the next controller, and do the same, only name it accordingly for your next controller and so forth...

then when you want to call up certain FSX.cfg files, you just rename the original fsx.cfg file to fsx.bak (for backup) and rename the file with the controller you want from fsx_xxxx.cfg to fsx.cfg - When you are done, you change it back to fsx_xxxx.cfg and change the fsx.bak back to fsx.cfg

Thats about the only way you can do it.

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Hi JL.

UGH! maybe I misleaded you in my meaning of "Multiple Controller files." What I means is..What I want to do is to set up my ONE controller, with multiple aircraft config files.

Like I want to set up a certain button on my stick for thrust reverses for jets, but for a small aircraft use it for cutting the throttle?

Then when I want to fly jets I can just pick one .cfg without redoing my whole controller functions.

Does that make sense?

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