FSX in Windows Vista etc?-Is it worth it?

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Does FSX run any smoother in Windows Vista 32 bit or 64 bit than compared with windows XP?

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I have a dual boot system and have tried fsx on both. I haven't done any scientific calculations or anything like that but I believe that FSX runs better on XP...but not by a huge amount. Let it also be said that I haven't spent the time tweaking on Vista either. I think Vista's performance has to do with the fact that graphic drivers for Vista aren't where there they should be , yet. (I am using the 32 beta drivers for Nvidia 8800) Although there are plenty of people getting decent results with Vista. I am interested in performance and the future of DX10 etc which is why I went dual boot. So you can see that there is no clear choice of OS. The only real reason (as a gamer) to choose Vista is to utilize DX10 which isn't implemented in most games yet and not in FSX until Dec.

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