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I was wondering if it was ok to post a link to or even upload to your site here, a .PDF copy of a 145 page FSX Performance Guide I had made and just finished with. This is my very own "non copied in whole or in part" work. It contains perforance settings outside the game (e.g. your bios, system, etc.), several FS X files itself, and in game adjustments. A lot of things most people know of already, but there are some that are well hidden and took me awhile to uncover. This manual also compares the game performce in WinXP 32 bit (DX 9) to Vista 32 and 64 bit. It also compares all of that with the different drivers from nVidia. Sorry ATI guys, I only speak nVidia 🙂.

After applying settings then re-applying settings again and again to the point I got sick, I ended up using the game in Vista 64 and have been very happy getting around 50fps with minimal blurries or orther artifacts.

I would like to share it with others that want to squeeze every bit of juice they can out of their system to make this game rock.

I know there are smaller guides all over the place, but I think this one will stand out with photos, benchmarks, etc.

It's freeware to anyone, and I encourage passing it around. I only ask that I get the proper credit. Thats it.

My websites and regular email servers are down for major upgrades, so you can post a PM here or email me at in the meantime.


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You can upload it here.

Or if you like just make a post with a download link.


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