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Slipstream Airways Press Release 7/30/2007

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Slipstream Virtual Airways Update
For Immediate Circulation

New (revised) Livery
The Future?


On July 28, 2006, Slipstream Virtual Airways opened its doors to the virtual aviation public. We had been teasing the website, fleet, and livery around this community for roughly a year prior to launch. The feedback (both public and private) played an intrical role in how we molded the airline on launch day.

After hours of preparation, our launch day was met with some unexpected web server upgrade transition. This delayed the launch and reveal of the website for nearly an hour and a half. Needless to say, our first day of operations yielded 9 flights and 11 pilot registrations.

Initially, Slipstream operated a modestl fleet of 5 Boeing 717-200's and 11 Boeing 737-700's servicing 28 U.S. and Canadian cities. Throughout the course of the last 12 months, we have methodically sought opportunities to grow and expand our airline via aircraft acquisitions. Most recently was the acquisition of 14 Boeing 737-700's from the now out-of-business Hello Virtual Airlines.

Our growth model remains true to our initial vision and mission statement:

The focus of Slipstream Virtual Airways is to provide a fun yet challenging simulated airline environment for both experienced and non-experienced flight simulator and aviation enthusiasts.


In the spirit of sharing critical statistics, here are our numbers as of this morning.

Accumulated Pilot Statistics
131 Pilot Registrations
72 Current Pilots
63 Active Pilots

Usage Statistics
*4,635 Flight Hours
*1,282 Completed Flights
*1,249,825 Nautical Miles Flown
* These numbers could / should be marginally higher... however flight simulator does have a tendancy to crash occasionally.

Website Statistics
87,018 Hits
7,674 Unique Vists
1,284 Failed Hacking Attempts
1 Successful Hacking Attempt

New (revised) Livery
We had brought a new corporate livery to the table about 2 months ago. I listened to every little bit of feedback we obtained from the public release of that livery and created our newest and final revision.

Our new livery incorporates a rich and darker base blue which transitions to our original core light blue. We have thrown away the whole "cloud" concept completely. There will be more pictures available at the Slipstream Airways website in the coming weeks.

As it stand currently, only our Boeing 757-200's and Boeing 767-300ER's are wearing their new business suits. Throughout the remaining bit of the summer, the remaining pieces of the fleet will be transitioned iteratively.

The Future?
We don't claim to be the most immersive or best virtual airline on the net. However, we do share a common appreciation for virtual aviation and we do aim to provide a great experience for the simmer.
Over the next severl months, we will be adding some more quirks to our already loaded website and making our airline operations more accurate and efficient.

Thank you for your support!


With offices in Los Angeles California and flight operations based out of Atlanta's Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL) and Los Angeles International (KLAX), Slipstream Virtual Airways services 43 major cities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe with 36 Boeing 737-700's, 7 Boeing 717-200's, 5 Boeing 737-800's, 10 Boeing 757-200's, and 6 Boeing 767-300ER's.

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1 successful hacking attempt? What did they do?

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haha, at least we're honest and open, right?

umm, not too much, mostly just attacked our forums if I remember right. I'd have to check into that one. Embarassed

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The successful hacking attempt killed our flight logs (text files... not records in our database) which led to dead links when a pilot wanted to review their flight performance.

I run server side updates on the website 3x daily. So, a simple back-up was able to solve the problem.

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I was waaaaay off...see, shows how insignificant it was and how fast it was fixed! 😂

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