ATP pilot test PLEASE HEEEELP!!!!

vorxio Guest

I "fly" with the italian version of fs2002 and I'm in trouble with the "ATP Pilot test" (I successfully passed the private, instrumental and commercial pilot examinations).

1) when I reach 5000 the instructor tells me to pull down the gear, decrease speed to 140 and extend the flaps; then it says: "turn left to 310". When I reach 310 it says "turn right to 310". Perhaps there are some problems in the translation, does he mean "Turn right to 090" or "make a whole circle"?

2) when I reach the Cleverton VOR (CCC), I turn left to 060 for 1 min., then turn right to 270 towards the VOR. But if I reach the VOR a little bit south of it (the VOR is half a mile at my right when I reach it) the lesson suddenly ends. Why??

3) after one complete waiting circle, the control tower says that I must stay at 3000, but I'm at 8000?

After a successful landing I didn't pass the test, but I don't know where and why I made the mistakes (remember that I passed the commercial pilot test and completed the ATP lessons).

Can you help me?
What is the correct examination instructions in the original version?
Is there a way to know when I make a mistake during the flight?

Thank you in advance and excuse me for my bad English,

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vorxio Guest

After 19-20 retries and many many punches to the monitor I passed the ATP checkride ...

Click search
Enter: "ATP checkride" in the search box
Select AND (match all words)
Select "Also search the archived threads"

Good look ... it's (ultra) hard but not impossible !!!!


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