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boeing 797 the plane that will be boeings answer to the 380.

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You mean the 999 liner why has boeing announced planes for another jumbo other then the 747-8?

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I'm not that optimistic about it. I think it won't enter regular service in the next 10 years at least. But who knows?!

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well i have looked up on them and tested and ready to go but know one knows as it all been done in their patch land and air they own. it said they were making it to go out the same time as the 380. but they didnt tell know 1 just incase airbus went a step further to. but that thing holds 1000 people thats mad. the airport be packed like Censored and a down side is alother seeing out the front of the plane is good what about when stuff goes wrong i would wanna see where plane is going lol

Censored By Radar

You keep cursing I'm just going to delete your posts.
I've edited 5 of them.


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call me crazy but i would not fly on that thing... i do not like being with 100 passengers, i can only imagine 1000 with ppl coughing, babies crying... sitting next to the old lady that smells... and her 10 other old lady friends around you.... no

I'll stick to the smaller jets thanks.

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