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Joystick in the manual

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I've been looking into buying a Joystick now that I get a reasonable fps in FSX, so I was looking in the little manual thing that comes with the game and noticed they have a control layout for a joystick. Does anyone know what joystick this is (I know its probably a Microsoft one, but i've never looked into joysticks before so dont know any names etc...) and also if anyone has it, is it any good...if not what do you recommend?

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

I don't think a joystick affect's FPS or I did not know it did. Get the Saitex 52 if you want a joystick but I highly recomend a youke.

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dan_cbw Trainee

It doesnt affect FPS, i was just saying now that I get good FPS i've started playing the game alot more :p. Thanks for the reply, i've heard alot about the Saitek 52, and I may look into a Yoke, depending on the price :p

Also do you know if the X52 works in Vista?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Here are the Vista drivers for the X52 Pro.

The joystick in the manual is the Sidewinder, almost exactly the one I have. They don't make it any longer.
The only one that works well now is the USB not the game port one.


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Ok, thanks for the info, i'll look into buying the X52 but I just suddenly had to pay 400 on an operation for my dog today, so I wont be getting it anytime soon 😞.

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