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New Virtual Airline - Blue Sky Airlines

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Press Release v.2 - Wednesday 8/08/07


Blues Sky Virtual Airlines is scheduled to open late Autumn 2007, this delay is due to the complicated procedures for designing the website along with other setbacks.


Blue Sky have made a decision to change their fleet from the 757 and 737 to the CRJ-200 and A319,which are currently being repainted
This is largely due to the fact that for the first month we will only be offering regional flights.


As stated above, for the first few months Blue Sky will only be offering Regional flights, but after about a month, short haul international flights will be introduced, and about 2 months after that, we will be introducing long haul flights.


James Harvey - (BSv-0001) - CEO, Aircraft Repainter, HTML website design.
Chris (BSv-0002) - COO, PHP website coder.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience on the matter and hope to see them signing up for Blue Sky Airlines in the near future!

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fs2004 or fsx?

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fs2004 Wink

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We are operation regional flights within the UK

When we expand we will decide on the fleet enhancements we will make.

Also, we are adding a feature that will allow only certain ranks to see certain flights and aircraft (eg. a trainee cannot view chief captain flights or aircraft.)

We are only planning routes as far ahead as first officer as we anticipate that we will have expanded (allowing longer flights) for ranks above them.

More info on ranks, flights and aircraft in the up and coming month Wink

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