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Can you help me?

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Do you know any chat-rooms or message boards that people from Austria (or Germany) would normally use? Something that's popular among them...


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Thank you very much, RadarMan, but I was actually thinking of something not at all related to flight sim. Perhaps something like imdb...


I wasn't specific enough. 🙂

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cheezyflier Captain

if you are looking for chat specific to a certain country, then you need to go to talk city.

otherwise, beware the forums at imdb. it's full of film student/critic wannabees who like to trash every thing and everyone except their own narrow minded selections. the imdb is only really useful for the information side of it, and even that is biased towards hollywood. you'll find (if you are a true lover of film) that korea actually blows hollywood away in almost every quality related aspect to film making and yet the imdb barely recognizes 1/4th of the films made there. japan also turns out some really awesome stuff as well, and yet if it's from japan, but not horror or edo or martial arts, it's not even on their radar. they cover toronto film festival as if they were people magazine, and ditto for cannes and sundance. imdb is a useful resource, but like i said, beware the forums. now, if you wanna see the freakiest movie made since the shining, see "a tale of two sisters" directed by ji-woo kim. (it's sub-titled)
you're going to have to watch it at least twice before you understand it fully, even if you are a mensa candidate. it is totally worth it. watch it and tell me you have ever seen even 1 hollywood movie of that caliber. it can be found at
look under "foreign/subtitled movies"

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Thanks, Cheezyflier. I'm going to give Talk City a try.

But it's not movies that I want to discuss. I used to have this very good e-pal that I've lost touch with, so I've been trying to find her for months. She's from Gallneukirchen city in Austria and she must be using some of their boards or chat rooms! I have tried many find people sites but none of them is really helpful. (They require you to enter so many information about a person that you practically wouldn't need the site at all if you knew them). I'm really getting hopeless! A while ago I posted a similar topic here on FlyAway but I didn't get any help, so I thought I should give it another try. I never thought it would be SO difficult to find one simple person!

By the way, those people from imdb are not serious at all! When I asked them if they knew about any German chat rooms they asked me if I wanted to start another World War!

Just don't know what to do anymore... Crying or Very sad

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