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How to create an AI airline?

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Ok folks... now you all know about my Steeler Air. Been a bunch of good flights, and a few I'd rather not mention.... (cough *tailstrike on 777* cough)... but now I wanna see MORE than just me in the air... and MORE than just me at KPIT.

So here is what I wanna do. I wanna create AI traffic (similar to project AI) for the planes I have... the two 737s, the 757 (which I have yet to debut) and the 777.

I have NO CLUE how ppl like Project AI do this... so if anyone knows how or can give me a guiding hand on this I would be most appreciative... also I need to figure out gate codes... as in etch out a permanent spot at KPIT where I will always find Steeler Air, similar to how US Air pretty much OWNS half the airport now.

So let me know where to begin on this project... and in the meantime I will continue the tale in the screenshot forums.

Thanks in advance all!

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no problem...I'll help you out.

I'll PM you my email and we can get this done pretty quickly.

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Sweet. I should be home from work by about 6ish... I will email you then. Thanks in advance!

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