Any Relationship between Quad Processor and FS9 Crashing??

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Well this may sound bizarre. But I built a PC especially for FSX.....then I found out that all the good software is for I started running it and added on Squawkbox....FSNavigator....FSPassengers...and some planes.

Now I am getting a crash to desktop......or Squakbox has encountered an error and needs to shut down.....or Flight Simulator has encountered an error and needs to shut down............on nearly every flight.

I uninstalled every piece of simulation software I had and reinstalled FS9.....Squawkbox.....FSNavigator and a couple of planes PMDG 1900D and the FeelThere ERJ-145.....and it is still crashing.

I am beginning to wonder if could be the Intel Quad Processor. I also have FSX installed on the same computer and it runs fine....just have no software for it.

Any ideas??????????


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When you reinstall it, add one add-on at a time.
Fly it for a few days, if all is OK then add one more.
That way you'll find what is causing the problem.


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Furthermore, I don't think that there would be any connection between your processor and FS9 crashes as your processor can handle FS9 + add-on's with ease.

I had a similar problem where FS9 crashed to desktop without an error message or possible reason. I'm not saying this is connected but the only thing I could find was that the crashes happened in a specific area of scenery (in my case somewhere over Nice, France). It happened on each flight without fail and I could almost predict the moment it would crash. In the end, and after several reinstallations I gave up flying near there.

Back to yours though, it is possible that there is a conflict between some of your add-on's. I've found in the past, especially with FS2002, that multiple add-on's can cause instability.

As far as a fix goes, I'm sorry but all I can do is go along with what RadarMan suggests and reinstall one by one. All the best.

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Hey thanks a lot guys.

That is what I have started doing. I uninstalled all my add ons...and FS9 and then deleted all the folders.....just to make sure there wasn't anything left. Then reinstalled FS9 and the Patch 9.1. Then just installed FSNavigator and the plane I like, since I am new to this, PMDG 1900D and started flying. It seems to be ok Now.

I will add on Squawkbox and give it a try. It seems like that is when I was running into trouble.......when I ran Squawkbox or FSInn.

Well we will see..........Thanks Again.

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