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Very Handy program for taking screenshots (good quality ones too) and its freeware, it can resize you pics as you take them, can be set to anykey, and activated and deactivated very easily 🙂

If you want some examples of how good the quality is, check the links below (i've also submitted the sunset one to the media on this site)

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Just beautiful. You must have a good card and know how to Photoshop,

This is free and what I use. Screen Hunter 4.0


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Voo Trainee

hehe no photoshop needed thats how they were taken 🙂

though i think the Nvidia 6800 GT helps alot with everything set to full 🙂 (no frame lag at all really)

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

He's right Radarman, no photoshop needed

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Michael_H First Officer

I've been using Screen Hunter ver. 4 ever since RadarMan told me about it.
Very happy with it.

That was climbing up out of Big Bear City and heading west to Los Angeles.

this one is arrving at KLAX.

I like this flight because it is short and you can practice a lot of things.

Now, the sharp eyed observer will notice that I'm almost half way down 24L and still not on the runway. I did it that way because I wanted the terminal in the background for the screenshot...really.... 👍


very nice!!

I like sreenhunter too.

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