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ok i love doing this stunt but i dont know what the name of it is i thought it was the immelman but i was wrong so ill tell you the stunt and can someone tell me what it is

ok i follow a runway in a xtra 300s ok the once i reach top speed i pull up to go verticle and as my speed decreases i give it full right ruder put the engine to idol and go straight down then i pull out of it

so does anyone know whats thats called?

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It's called a Hammer Head (Stall turn).

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If you're interested in aerobatics I recommend the Christen Eagle II from Long Island classics. It's a real handful but once you get used to it it can do almost anything you want. It also happens to be one of the best aircraft availible.

And yes it's one of few planes that can actually side slip and spin well within the limits of FS.

and it's FREE!

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