3 Cheers for Radarman and Langevin

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Splitdog Trainee

These guys are a tremendous help. Thier passion and expertise are surpassed only by thier willingness to help. Thanks a lot for all the little things, guys. (And some not-so-little) 🍻

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RadarMan Chief Captain

That's very nice of you.
I enjoy (mostly) what I'm doing, I like the members here and I'm sure Langevin does also.

Above all enjoy!


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Yea, Big time thanks. They are a great help.


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bawls327 Captain

Yes thank you radarman and other guy whose name I cant spell.

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JLangevin First Officer

Sorry for the late reply... Im only here to help 🙂

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ab1332 Trainee

yeah thank u for all the help

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ab1332 Trainee

watch this video

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shylock (scottyboy39) Trainee

you guys are a real big help and are very understanding of the newbies with crazy questions

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

ab1332 wrote:

watch this video

That was a well graet video he made it really good

i wish my computer was as good as his so i could have everything on FULL

Also yer great job radarman & Langevin you've been a great help

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