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Hi guys,

There is a common problem I'm facing with all 777 downloads in FSX.The instruments on the panel just dont show up! Initially when it happened I thought it was a wrong download meant for FS2004 and I was trying in FSX. But this started happening to every download I installed there after.

I believe I've screwed up some config file somewhere meant for 777 instruments. But cant find it!

All other aircraft series are perfectly OK in every aspect though!!!!

Help would be appreciated!!!


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Try leaving ones set of gauges in the folder that you put in the main aircraft folder.

Also put the contents of the gauge folder into the main gauge folder.

It'll be necessary to unzip the download twice (or copy the gauges) but you'll be certain to see the gauges then.


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That happened to me too! I used a Verona 777 once and the next time I went to use it, no panel!

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YA precisely it started with the same 777 u mentioned...and now onto all of them.

I'll do what RM says!


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