Graphics problem with cockpit view after upgrading to SP1

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Has anyone else had problems with the graphics being blurry in the cockpit area after upgrading to SP1? The grapics were fine prior to the upgrade so I uninstalled Flight Simulator X completely off my computer and reinstalled. I then could see the cockpit area just fine after initially installing it however when I upgraded to SP1 again the graphics are again blurry in the cockpit view. This is consistant with any of the different aircrafts. I have Windows XP, 1GM memory, NVideo GeForce3 graphics card with 128MB of memory.

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I installed FSX with SP1 fresh not too long ago. Everything looks and works fine as you can see by my screeny posts.

Asrock DUAL-VSTA SK939
AMD DualCore 4200+ 2.2Ghz
2GB RAM (4x512mb PC3200) - Dual Channel
Nvidia 8600GT 256MB
Windows XP Pro SP2

You might want to defragment your system. Check for unnecessary processes, check your system is not using the onboard graphics if it has onboard graphics. Check your display settings in FSX.

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Your 128mb card is hardly the best available but it still shouldn't be blurred.
There is a SP2 coming out possibly next month that will fix some other problems...possibly yours included.

For now I would adjust what I could in the control panel of the card and see if that helps.


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