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Dash 7-100 engine control problem

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I'm having a pisser of a problem, When flying my 4 engine Dash, I'm fine right up til I decide to control just one engine, if I push E -4, for the engine #4,or any other engine, I am forever stuck with being only able to control engine # 1. nothing I do helps. I push E 1234, but still I have control of just #1 engine. It pissed me off so bad I buried the damn plane in the ground from 8500' just north of Parkersgurg WV. What the hell gives here?! I've had this problem before with the 747.

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Confused Im not sure there is anything you can do about this,may be a bug.
If you use a joystick to control the throttle and then use the keyboard,you will only have the one engine
The only way I know is to pause the sim and select the aircraft again.Not good,but it works

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