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I want to get a good payware planner to compensate the PMDG 737/747 and Level D 767...

I was looking at both FS Navigator and FS Build.

Can anyone say which is better and give reasons to back up your point of view?

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I`m a newbie to MFS and use Fsbuild2 with only autobuild,then export them for my PMDG aircraft and to FS as i can only fly in MFS as of yet.
For this purpose i can`t fault FSBUILD 2 as it`s very easy to setup,export,use and it`s reliable.

I also have FSnavigator but never needed to use it`s f/p or A/P capabilities.I use it as a replacement FSmap with the exported f/p from FSbuild.
Very detailed,accurate info,zoomable ingame map which doesn`t pause MFS and is excellent for planning your next trip.
Also reliable and easy to use with a pretty accurate real time,time and distance to arrival function.

I know it`s not what you asked for in your post,but i hope it helps in some way.


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have you tried simroutes you can put in your airports it will then give you a few choices for a route then you can download straight to you pmdg

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