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I just purchased JF Terrain

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I just purchased and installed JF Terrain
I must say it is huge improvement in terrain display
I made just one flight from Seattle to Victoria on the way I know by hart
(from previous flights) for first impression . It is absolutely impressive
I had to share with U flyers Group Wave

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any chance of a little example SS ? Smile

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There is no point for me to give visual example. There are lott of them on site including video show. I just can say "with my hand on my hart" is that what u see there is truth. I just took 2 flight: along the coast of WA and a part of the Cascade mountains. The cliff alongshore seams to be ďA cliffĒ and not just a hill and the mountains are much more realistic and less boring. See also the post about in those: and the videos on
I canít compare this software with other kind like MEGA scenery simply because I donít have other kind. Sad

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Yeah, I love FS Terrain.... it's easy to take it for granted after a while, when it's always there and always on but it is superb - I see the best effect around Scotland, which is a naturally hilly part of the world, but that the default FS terrain map represents as quite flat.

I would say FS Terrain is more important that upgrading scenery.

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I was thinking of getting a Terrain program , started looking at FS Global 2005.

Its abit expensive for an addon (something like £35 ($60) :/ ) but it comes on 3 DvD's and is a total 14gb install

but the comparisons they have on their site are amazing.

I dunno if its better/worse or same as FS Terrain, since i've used neither i can't tell

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