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1st time poster, long time reader! hehe

Just wondering if there is an add on for the ATC aspect for the regular version of FSX without having to buy the deluxe version?

And if not...and I got the deluxe version and downloaded the game, would it just write over the regular version and add on the additional planes, ATC etc...
or would I have to remove the regular version and the download the deluxe version? I just don't need two versions on one computer!

Thanks in advance for everyones knowledge and advise (not just on this topic, but on all the different aspects of FSX!!) 😀

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No add on you have to get the Deluxe version.
As for loading it over itself, that never been asked before.
You could try it, if it doesnt work and ruins your Sim then uninstall and reinstall the new one.


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I was thought that would be the answer....
Thanks for the info, I will try loading the deluxe version over and you know. Thanks again. 😎

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i wish there was an add on atc for the standard version well thats stupid the standard cover is way better then the delux

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