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Smokeyone Guest

I am building a new pc from scratch and plan on usuing an Abit AV8 3rd eye motherboard. After checking I have been told it should be VIA based as I need to use Linux.

AMD Athlon 64 3200 Winchester 90nm

Has anyone got this combination and if so what would be a good graphics card. The system is for the office so I cannot stretch the budget too far but I can a little.


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Via base with an Athlon - yea. Regarding graphics, I can recommend a 5200FX - very easy on the wallet, totally compatible with Linux (I run it on BSD and Fedora) and good graphics quality/fps for the price. I have a high end 5950 Ultra also under Windows, that gives some great frame rates. What would you be using your Linux box for mainly?

Smokeyone Guest

I am going to give Linux a try and it was suggested suse might be the easiest to start with. Currently I use Lotus word pro, Eudora, Opera, Paint shop pro & quickbooks so I hope to find similiar Linux.



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