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Berlow Guest

I installed the a320pic for a friend of mine but it is not recognizing the joystick. However on the other aircraft example 737 joystick works fine.
Any help please? I am an A320 pilot in real life and the real aircraft is much easier to fly Laughing Help please

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Check and see if it's a 2004 aircraft not an older version.
If it is (2004) tell us where to find it or the complete zip then we can download it and see what we can do.


Berlow Guest

It is the A320PIC from Wilco brand new !

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It's pay-ware so I can't help you, I don't have it. You may have to reset you stick commands.
Try their support system.


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Hello Berlow,

I'm sorry to say that I also bought the A320 PIC add-on and also could not get the Joystick to work - it's such a confusing add-on! In order to try and properly simulate the FBW technology (that you'll be very aware of!), they used an entirely new approach to Joystick configuration.... the problem is, it just doesn't work too well !

All I really got from this add-on, was the cockpit videos, which will be of very limited interest to you, if you're a A320 pilot !

I sold the add-on on Ebay and am still searching for a good A320 add-on for FS2004.... If you fancied something of similar type but larger, the A340 add-on from PSS / Just Flight is excellent... very well represented.

While we have you with us - can you tell me how you use the throttle in the A320 to taxi in real life ? I understand the throttle has set "detents", for each flight mode (ie... CL, Flex42, TOGA, etc), so is there a specific 'area' of the throttle that is used for taxi'ing.... ? It's one thing I've never figured out (in real life) in the Airbuses!

Berlow Guest

Ok. first of all thanks for comming back to me. I managed to work the joystick thanks to a french guy who answered. This is what he had to say....The joystick is not handled by A320 PIC as it is for all other aircrafts. You should setup the joystick axes and buttons using the Options / A320 Pilot In Command / setup from the Flight Simulator top bar menu after you load a flight.
Then use the command Options / controls / disable joystick when you fly A320 PIC.

Moreover, you should check you are using the patch 1.1 (for fs 2002) or patch 2004 (for fs 2004) from In Windows Control panel, check finally your joystick is calibrated.

Happy landings,

Sebastien Belluteau

Chief Editor

Now with regards to taxi ing the A320 the thrust levers will give you manual thrust same as a conventional thrust lever. The autothrust is active when the levers are put in the CL Detent. From then onwards let her do the work for u!


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Gotcha - someone else came back with the same answer - so the area between Idle and CL is the raw throttle power used for taxi'ing, and then from CL you're in Autothrottle mode, with the set Detents.

Thanks for the help!

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