Guys..Im a newb and need help.

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Oki need help downloading airplanes.As you can see ive already asked for help and got a answer. The person told me to check out:

i tried but it all seems confusing (not good with computers) i did the 1st one and after a bunch of failures i was able to get an F15 Coral but nothing else. Could someone give me some super specific guide or i cant do it lol. Thank you for your patience.

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When you download the plane you want it should have a README that should tell you where to put the file's where thay need to go

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Firstly its very important to understand the difference between a base model and a repaint version.

A base model comes with the texttures,panels,gauges etc. while a repaint only comes with new texttures which use gauges and panels of your existing base model.

Now let us know wot have you downloaded? A base model or a texture repaint? So that someone could help u!!!


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