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Hi FEM - I was doodling (in case that's a non-USA English word - it means 'scribbling or drawing meaninglessly !!) on a Boeing 737-400 blank texture and this is what transpired - thought you might be interested -

- I should have included some flying shots but I'm a taildragger and without reading pages of instruction I couldn't get the lump of metal of the ground Embarassed

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Oh lordy! I can't express how kick-assity that is!!!!





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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Am I interested???


Yes, yes i am 😛

WHOA. That's like, beyond coool!


I'd shake your hand and thank you in person...but i have to stay in skool! That's so awesome! Yes, Doodling is a USA word...SO COOL.

What compelled you to make that anyway? I'll take it whenever you are ready to send it to me!

DUDE, You're the MAN!!!!!!!

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

So you're not much bothered about it eh? 😉 😉

I do a lot of these for practice - as you know I only started dabbling in Repainting recently and by the shots above I need all the practice I can get Embarassed

I have left you a PM to sort out some details.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Awesome. I just replied, so you'll get it soon. I tell you, for what little practice you claim to have (you're gonna have to repaint my house after this) I'd say you do super! I really want to get into repainting myself...but havent the time or money to get the programs and figure out how!

perhaps summer

I'll make a whole line of the "Air Heino" And, with the Greg737, I think I can play Heino tunes in flight!!!!


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

That is the funniest posting I've ever seen 😀 😂 😀 😂 😀 😂

I only heard of Heino through FEM and this site but seeing that 737 with his name and pic all over it literally had me falling of my seat here at work.... People round here must think I'm mad... Good job Dave - love it !

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