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Hello everyone, Very Happy

Can someone explain to me why transatlantic flights in FS 2004 are all directed over the Alaskan airspace both ways. For example I wanted to make a flight from Boston to Paris CDG. The route given to me by FS9 goes westwardly over Canada and Alaska, then over Greenland and finally goes down over the British Isles before reaching France.

How is it that a flight that should take approximately 7.5-8 hrs is extended by at least another 6 hours???? Shocked

What can I do to fly straight over Nova Scotia, across the Atlantic and then straight to Europe and vice versa?

I tried with Direct GPS route, however at the airport my flight is not recognised as a commercial flight by ATC and I am not given any clearance. There are also no waypoints through which to fly.

Please can you help with some advice????? Embarassed

Thank you and best regards


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The Flight Simulator(FS) flight planner is not set up to calculate a transoceanic flight correctly because default aircraft don't have a FMC/FMS that is used by real aircraft. The FS GPS will not accept random waypoint entry. The reason it goes over Alaska is that it is trying to use airways that are formed by VOR/VORTAC stations for the route. There are no VOR stations and no low or high altitude airways over the ocean. It's trying to do the impossible so the route makes no sense.

If you use GPS Direct, with IFR selected, you will get a Clarence of "As filed", that's all you need.

To get a more realistic route:


The problem is that there is no easy way to input the points. You could drag the course line(GPS Direct) onto the above points but that would be a painfully slow and tedious process for such a long flight. Some are intersections, some are navigational aids(navaids).

You would need a third party flight planner or an aircraft with a working FMC/FMS. I don't know of particular flight planner or aircraft/panel you could use. PMDG aircrafts are good but the cost and the detail of the simulation is too much trouble for many people.

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Thank you so much for your trouble CRJCapt. I will try as you told me, with GPS direct and IFR selected.



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