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Will aileron trim counter a roll to the right while cruising? And how do I employ it? I've tried the default key commands and tried re-assigned key commands but I can't detect any change in aircraft attitude when I do.

Anyone know if aileron trim actually works in FS?

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It depends on the aircraft. As in real life, basic aircraft probably won't have it but more complicated aircraft will. If you can't find an aileron trim lever on the panel then the aircraft most likely dosen't have it.
In aircraft that do have it it works and will counter a roll, but gentle with it - you could over counter the roll and start rolling the other way.

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Maybe go to your settings and to Realism Settings..
See if the Auto-rudder is selected..
If it is.. Put it off.. If you keep it selected you cant trim
the Aileron, Rudder and Pitch trim 😉

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Thanks. I actually found that trimming downward a bit so that i have to keep a little back pressure on the stick for level flight eases the rolling problem quite a bit

I don't know if this is proper technique (it "feels" right) or if it's even a "realistic" problem, but I've found one workaround.

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