I need some help with a repaint project!

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I would dearly love to repaint a Beechcrfacraft Baron 58 for my uncle. He is a pilot. Awhile ago while exiting his plane, he slipped and almost fell. Refence was made to Otis (Mayberry's town drunk) and we named an airlines for him...Otis Air!
I would love to Have this plane ready for thanksgiving for when I see him next. But I've never tried this. Any advice for a new guy?

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See if this helps you. Say hello to Uncle for me, he must be a nice guy if his family loves to kid him.

And talk to this man for some hints, you see what he made for me. Thanks again daveC!


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Hi grannysjg - read your post this morning and was about to refer you too the system I used to learn about repainting(elswhere in the forum) but realised that with a deadline of less than two weeks (a fortnight 😂 ) - that wasn't the answer as I don't know if you have working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop of DXTBMP -mine was a long drawn out learning curve with a great deal of trial and error - so offer this solution -

Both these examples are very rough and need quite a bit of work still and I would need some information -
Most importantly do you have an email addres and does your mail system accept attachments. eg If your on AOL then forget it.
1. What color you want for the main lettering?
2. What is the line known as - Otis Air, Otis Airlines, Otis Airways ????.
3. The pilot's name for inscription of the outside wall of the cockpit and what color of flying jacket does he usually wear and what size shoes? no - no to the last question -I was trying to be funny 😳 .
4. Any emblem, badge etc available in JPG or GIf format?.
5. Do you know your way around the aircraft.cfg file so that I can format my instructions accordingly
6. I am on a DUN connection and I do not wish to be handling more than 3Mb files.
I think that is enough to be going on with - last item - I have left my email address in the PM facility of this site so that if you want to take up this offer ( I willl not take umbrage if you decline), we can communicate by email

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I am going to be away for the weekend so any response to the reply you may post will be delayed.

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Does your lack of response mean that you no longer require help with the repaint???

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Hi grannysjg - It is now nearly a week since I made the offer to help/repaint your Thanksgiving present. I did post a couple of very rough examples of what could be done and thought you might respond. It maybe that the roughness of the repaints I posted, put you off and I did say in the PM I sent you (with no reply) that I would not take umbrage if you declined the offer - I have now got to presume that you do not want my help/repaint and take your lack of response as a NO. Sorry about that. As they say in the newspapers 'This correspondence is now closed'

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It's a shame he didn't hang about, judging by the repaints you've done lately, he's really missed out !

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