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Just when you thought you'd got rid of me.....! 😀
I've been meaning to do this flight for a while and now my tour is over i could sit back and get on with it. It's just a little piece of aviation history that goes alongside my favourite singer and the Worlds first and (i think) greatest Superstar!
Anyhoooow, in 1975 Elvis Presley purchased a Convair 880 from Delta Airlines which he then sent to Dallas to be customised and re-fitted with sleeping quarters,conference table,lounge area,two lavatories and a well stocked galley and bar. It could carry a maximum of 29 people but normally there were only 8-10 on board. After it was finished it he called it the "Lisa Marie" after his only daughter.
The flight crew were Pilot Ron Strauss, Co-Pilot Elwood David and Flight Engineer Jim Manney, who were on call 24 hours a day, the call sign for the aircraft was "Hound Dog One".
The flight crew recall many tales where Elvis would always go to the flight deck to say hello to them, one where they flew to Vail Colorado to buy 5 Cadillacs for his Memphis Mafia but one wanted a pick up so he bought 4 caddys and a pick up for them. Many times the crew were allowed to bring their wives along but on one occassion on a flight to Honolulu they were told the aircraft would be full so they could'nt come. But come take off there had been a mistake and there would have been room for the crew's wives. So Elvis went up front and apologised to the crew and booked their spouses on the first plane out of Memphis to Honolulu First Class, when Ron Strauss said to Elvis he did'nt have to do that he replied with a smile "oh yes i do or i'll find myself another pilot".
This aircraft is now on display at Graceland in Memphis and has been since 1984 (i've really got to get there 😀 ).
There is only one flight i could have made in this aircraft so here are the pics of the "Lisa Marie- Callsign Hound Dog One" from Memphis to Vegas 😀 .

The King is dead long live the King

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OMG I have heard stories about that plane. I hear he even had a bed in the back with built in seatbelts...

so if he said he was gonna take a nap he would crash in back and the crew would strap him in with the seatbelts... and not wake him up till he woke up on his own... which oftentimes was AFTER they had landed and powered down.

That plane is a TRUE CLASSIC, and I salute you Welsh for showing us that one...

so when you flying to honolulu??? And... can my wife come?

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I'm speechless. To tell you the truth I've never heard of this plane before Embarassed but the story behind it is just marvelous. You couldn't expect less from the Rock N'Roll King. Fantastic post Welsh! 👍

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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprised

Amazing story and pics welshie!, I watched that the film about Elvis's life made back in the 80's the other night and it was great what with all the behind the scenes footage and all but it was also very sad aswell. 😞



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5 stars

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Yes welsh that was an amazing story plus the screenshots. I also have never heard of this plane before. Again Awesome welsh.

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👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

BRAVO!! VERY NICE!!! Hey, I could have given you an escort with my Texas air national guard F-16 😀

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Thanks very much for your very kind comments gents! 😀

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Great shots Welsh, I've heard of the plane on some ' Dream Jet ' show on one of the documentary channels 😀

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My name is Michael Masters. I worked as a Line Service Technician at Memphis Aero. We were responsible for providing full ground support services the Lisa Marie. I knew Elwood David, the Captain. We had a good working relationship. Ron Strauss was the copilot, not Elwood. Elwood always sat in the left seat and Ron in the right seat. My relationship wit Elwood was good enough that he allowed me to fly on the Lisa Marie to Las Vegas, shortly after Elvis died. I took the cockpit 'jumpseat' immediately behind Elwood. The full account is given in my memoire posted on Pinterest at mmasters 00 14 under the Board: Elvis' Jets: My Experiences With The Lisa Marie.

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