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I've had just about every version of MS Flight Sim since they first came out back whenever. Each one was better and better, which I'm sure you'll all agree. I've never had a real good system to get the best out of the software till now. I've built a new system and I would like some input on how to get the most enjoyment out of FSX. What I'm getting at is some idea of what can put my settings at.

Here's my spec's

2.40Gig Core2 Quad Q6600
nVidea GForce 8800GTS
4Mg Memory

If I'm lucky enough to get 4 or 5 replies, I'm sure i might get 4 or 5 different responses. I'll just pay around with each one to see which one suits me best.

Thank you now for any advice.

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So far so good, but what about your motherboard? Reason I asked because even though you have a pretty good processor, your motherboard can be your Achilles Heal; it can choke your cpu and graphics interface performance. Also with a good motherboard, you can push your cpu performance further by overclocking the cpu. We know that FSX demands a lot from the cpu and so does your computer. You may be okay with just 2.40 Ghz (mines is oc'd to 2.68 Ghz) and you will get decent fps with FSX. However like I said the type of motherboard can either help or hinder the computers performance.

You do mean 4 Gbs of RAM right?? Cause 4 megs is plain ridiculous.....

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My MB is a Gigabyte Technology 965P-DS3 if that means anything to you.

Something to add to all of this is the guy who built this system wants to OC it but hasn't had the chance to do it yet

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And yes its 4 Gig of mem

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Be sure to have a good power supply to handle that and all the USB peripherals that you add.
Also keep it cool with a good fan system...keep it clean of dust also.


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