How Does Visual flight path work?

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Hy all!

Can someone explain to me how does the visual flight path works?
'Cause I just can't make it work!


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The visual flight path only works in conjunction with a navigation course such as a VOR radial or ILS course to a runway. Only some runways have an ILS. Don't set altitude of indicators for ILS, it won't work. Altitude is for VOR radials. Choose type of indicator, number, distance between and ALT (VOR only) for guidance.

Visual Flight Path

1. Load default flight (KSEA) using the Cessna 172, runway 34R.

2. Set NAV 1 radio to ILS frequency 110.3 in the active position.

3. Select top menu, Aircraft, Visual Flight Path.
a. check enable
b. Number of guides [High]
c. distance [Medium]

4. Takeoff and circle around south of the airport (altitude of about 3000 feet) and you will see the indicators describing the ILS course to runway 34R KSEA.

Note: For VOR course, you have to enter the desired altitude of markers

Also see my previous post, data from the Learning center on the visual flight path indicators.

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