help me find this please

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if you look at the pic below (ignore the strangely configured beech)
you will see a mustang that appears to be "wild horses" from simviation.
it is not. wild horses doesn't turn that well, and has wayyy too much power. this aircraft flies beautifully. i used to have it but lost it when i did a re-install. now i can't find it. it looks nearly identical to wild horses but it is not the 800+ knot mustang. if you know where this is, please post a link and help me out. i really liked this plane, not for the appearance but for the way it flew.

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Check out


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mystery solved! it is wild horses, but not by itself. there is an update for it that changes the air and cfg files and makes an unruly stallion into a trained thorobred. now i have the files saved onto my h/d so i wont have to go through this again.

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Where did you get the Mustang and the "fix"? Is it FSX or FS9? As for the strangely configured Beech, I can't ignore it. I'd like one just like it sitting somewhere, like in a hanger, shed, or just next to a building. It's great eye candy. Please let me know where you found all this stuff.
Best regards ... Art

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the mustang can be found on this page:

the update is somewhere on simviation or maybe avsim i can't remember but if you can't find it, p/m me and i will email it to ya.
unfortuneately for you, the oddly configured beech is not available anywhere, it was a glitch in my machine, i have since done a re-install and it's not like that anymore.

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