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NASA Study - How bad is it, do you think?

How bad is it?
There's nothing to worry about.
 33%  [ 3 ]
It's pretty bad.
 44%  [ 4 ]
I'm surprised planes aren't falling out of the sky!
 22%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 9
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escrge Trainee

Have you heard about the news that NASA did a study of pilots on airline safety and that they're NOT releasing the results? I've heard that they've even ordered the results to be destroyed.

How bad is it, do you think? Are there any real-world pilots lurking out there who'd like to chime in?

In other news - I can't wait to get the Acceleration Pack for FSX tomorrow.

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They should release the results. The answer is not a simple one. The basic operation of an airline is very conservative and safe. By this I mean the weather standards and fuel requirements and pilot training, those types of things. Where it gets bad is with the air traffic control system, airports and goverment regulations. The ATC system can't handle the volume of aircraft, the airports can't handle the volume. The federal goverment, the FAA, continues to cut safety margins to increase capacity. They continue to use old regulations that are borderline safe. Airlines are not helping by scheduling more and more flights into busy airports trying to grab a dollar. They continue to play the low cost, high volume type of business plan. Imagine Harvard, Yale and Princeton all trying to cut tuition in order to increase enrollment. Cutting instructors pay a benefits, lowering academic standards and driving the cost of a four year degree to less than $20,000. There would be no value in a Ivy league education. People will pay for and value quality.

The ATC system has a major problem, the FAA doesn't know what to do and the airlines will do whatever they can get away with(from the FAA, legally) to make money. It's just a matter of time before something bad happens. I just hope I'm home watching TV when it does and not in the air.

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200% more airports or force UPS and Fed-EX to build their own AND ban the privates to small fields.

ya, I know.

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This statement was just issued by NASA this afternoon:

RELEASE: 07-230


WASHINGTON - Since becoming NASA administrator, I have been an advocate for openness and transparency in the pursuit of NASA research and analysis. As a general practice, I believe that NASA research and data should be widely available and subject to review and scrutiny.

I have just been made aware of the issue involving information from a NASA survey of airline pilots regarding safety issues being withheld under the Freedom of Information Act.

I am reviewing this Freedom of Information Act request to determine what, if any, of this information may legally be made public. NASA should focus on how we can provide information to the public -- not on how we can withhold it. Therefore, I am asking NASA's Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research, Lisa Porter, to look into this situation, including ensuring that all survey data are preserved, and report to me as soon as possible.

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Just give 'em time. They'll craft the truth. 😉

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