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I am currently using a BENQ 17 inch square flat screen monitor to fly both FS$ and FSX.
Could anyone comment on the optimum size for a monitor? While I enjoy this one I think a rectangular one would provide better graphics and realism.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Thanks for the advice. The high resolution certainly improves the visuals.

How ever, I just wonder how much better it might be with a rectangular screen rather than a square screen,, ie ,, does the aircraft stretch in a larger lcd screen or does higher resolutions solve that problem.

I will keep researching.

thanks again.

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I recently bought a 22" rectangular monitor. The screen measures 11 5/8" high (295mm) by 18 5/8" wide (473mm). The view is *spectacular* BUT ... whereas the "spot plane" view is wider and not distorted - it is simply a broader and really beautiful panorama - the 2D instrument panels, especially those with round gauges, are somewhat distorted. But again, I have quickly become accustomed to the not-excessive distortion - and it is the 2D instrument panel only. The outside view of the world is fantastic. I enjoy it especially because I fly in "spot plane" mode most of the time.

One note of caution. My system, 2.66GHz Pentium IV, 512Megs of RAM and an ATI RADEON X1300 w/512MB, is not the hotest in the world. My screen rate, switching from my old 17" "ordinary" monitor to the wide aspect ratio 22", went from about 20 frames per second to 10 and to as low as 3 or 4 fps with complex scenery and a turning airplane. No, it's not satisfactory, but I haven't saved up enough for a new, high performance, system yet.

Respectfully, Pete

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