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Virtual FedEx Express is BACK

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Virtual FedEx. Yes we are back. And are now accepting applications for all pilots who want to fly the most real and organized FedEx out there.

Virtual FedEx was Gone!

Yes this is true, our hosting for some reason shut down and we couldn't get the name back so we had to close. But for some odd reason the hosting just started up again and now we are online and running.

Whats new?

Well Virtual FedEx is going to be Updating all there aircraft and is almost finished with the FSX fleet. Also the website is going to be getting some new features and some cool new stuff.

Requirements for Virtual FedEx Express

Virtual FedEx is making some new Requirements for the pilots. These are as follows: 1. Fly one flight within 2 weeks of time, in less you requested for a Leave of Absence. 2. Pilots must Fly on the server that Virtual FedEx ask', Currently Virtual FedEx is flying on Vatsim, But we use our own Teamspeak to communicate. These requirements may change with time.


Sens Virtual FedEx was closed for three months we have lost all our staff. So we are now looking for a good, Professional Staff to work for us. If you are interested in being on staff please contact me at,

So if your interested at all Please visit our website and sign up Wink

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I think the website is quite attractive, and nothing needs to be done to it at all. The only pages that I tried that didn't work were all of the hub pages. The site is not awful at all! I'm using Firefox, so that might possibly make a difference. The only thing is, the whole layout of the website doesn't fit the look and "feel" of FedEx. I would definitely join it if I wasn't so busy with other VAs.

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