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Hi there,

I have FS98 on my notebook, [1.8 Athlon XM-M, ATI Radeon IGP 320M 64megs share from 1024MB ram total] and FS2004 on my desktop at home. I would like to know if it's worth removing my FS98 (and scenery) and installing FS2004 on the above notebook? It takes me so long to re-set up everything on FS98, scenery, settings, ac etc, (days since I pretty much have the globe covered) I don't want to install FS2004 if it ends up running like a slide show.

I meet the minimum req's, but understand they too, mean nothing.

Since im not very pc/graphics knowledgeable I really cant answer this question, and I would like to take FS2004 with me on vacation.

Realistically, what could one expect in the way of visuals on the above? Scale 1 to 10 would it be a 5 at least?

Anyone have a similar set up?

Appreciate any help 🙄

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I have a AMD 1.3GB with 356 shared and it runs fine. It runs just as well as on my desktop I just don't get the online features.

On the graphics...... your card is better than mine so I'd have to say at least a 7.

I would make the trade but it's up to you. I think the graphics are much better and I REALLY like to have the taxiways marked 😀

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Well, if you have enought hard disk space on your laptop, why not leave FS98 on there and also install FS2004? This is possible, I have FS2002 and FS2004 on my machine both installed at the same time.

Regarding performance, I am guessing that it should handle reasonable well, given that you minamize the graphics detail setting to a reasonable level, i.e not set to the max! The main problem with frame rates is the rendering of the clouds in FS2004. I would say if you set the clouds to their lowest, and set other scenery to mid-way, then it would run just fine 🙂

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I have a laptop with the same graphics chipset but have a mobile athlon 2500+ and only 512 mb ram (64 shared). FS 2004 runs VERY well on my laptop, much better than my 900 mhz athlon with radeon 9000 pro. If you are running xp on your laptop select the "always on" power option for acceptable speeds. Good luck

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