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Somebody STOP this please!!!!!

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Hi Guys,

I have made this observation that most of the Flight Sim related sights have addon aircrafts compatible to both 2004/FSX. However if you notice half of them dont work properly. Either a problem with panels/gauges sound etc.

Is there any site I could really trust for FSX downloads? I mean do they check the files before they r up on the site? I trust this site.... none of the aircrafts have screwed up till now...but the issue is we find new downloads once in 2 months!!!!

Just because somebody is giving freeware it shouldnt screw up our systems and FSX folder with crap!!!!!

But I also admire the interest people show in uploading aircraft.


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Hi there , i have allready made a topic explaning how to convert fs9 aircrafts to fsx , with sound and pannel etc on the topic below

hope it helps u


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a really good site is

i use it alot for downloads and sutes all my needs

another good site is flyaway , they have loads of aircrafts for fsx for download to.

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